adding clarity and focus to your message

It’s our job, our passion, to make language transparent, readable, alive…

We find it staggering how often we look at a website, or a glossy
corporate report, 
or even just internal company communications,
and lose the will to live somewhere around the third paragraph.

Why spend time and money on describing your ideals, philosophy,
strategies, processes, business structure in a way that nobody would
want to read? Why go to the trouble of producing a website that is
littered with simple, stupid, annoying errors; as if it’s something you
feel you have to do, but apparently not with enough enthusiasm
to check it through properly before you put it out there.

“The English language is the Roman road of the British,
our greatest contribution to world civilisation.

Supremely versatile, constantly evolving,
voraciously acquisitive of new words and ideas, it is the
language of Shakespeare and Johnny Rotten,
Mark Twain and Dr Dre, Chaucer and Monty Python,
Robert Burns and Bob Marley.

 Long after Britain has receded into history,
the English language will remain, not because the rest of
the world needs to use it, or has to learn it,
but because it’s the most usable language ever conceived.”

 At the Languagelaunderer we love the English language.
Nothing, however complex, technical or mundane has to
be dull and impenetrable; and frankly, you’re wasting time,
money and words if it is.
People are going to read the copy you put out there,
so you want it to be readable…

That’s our job.

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